As I Sat on the Bus # 9: Sabrina’s First Day of Day Camp

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Momma put me in this summer day-camp program for six weeks and the bus comes to the main parking lot and picks up me and a few of the younger kids from the neighborhood. I don’t know how she got me in this cause it’s a church camp and we ain’t never been to church.

It’s not that we are not religious or nothing just momma works so hard all week and Saturday nights she likes to relax with a bottle of wine and talk to her sister on the phone. I’ve never seen her outta bed before noon on a Sunday and that’s too late for going to church.

But she always tells us to be religious. She always says we should love Jesus and pray to God every night. I’m a little confused as to who is who and I really am not sure how you pray but every night I close my eyes tight and in my head I say:

“God, or Jesus, whoever is listening please help my family to be happy and stay together. Make Daddy quit drinking and come home and only love momma and no other girls. And please make momma quit drinking too cause she gets so mad at me and she yells and throw things. She always feels bad and goes to bed crying. I try not to make her mad but it seems I always do. I just don’t want her to be so sad anymore, so please God or Jesus, whoever is listening, help my momma and daddy to love each other and love me and Roxanne too. I think they will be happy if they can learn to do that. Amen.”

I hope I learn at church camp the right way to pray, then maybe someone will listen.

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  1. If you have read my blog you may wonder why two of my three sons are devote Christians. The reason is, as a solo parent, I sent them to Christian youth camps. One son is a computer consultant every thing has to compute with him. The other two are school teachers. Which one is the non Christian?


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