Friday Fictioneers: Road Trip!

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers where each week close to 100 people participate in a flash fiction challenge based on a photo prompt.

This week’s photo ~ Copyright: Jennifer Pendergast

And now my 100 word story:

I awoke to the dreaded words: “Road Trip!” I put the pillow over my head. “Come on sleepy heads” my dad’s voice echoed. I heard my sister giggle and knew the tickle monster was near. I sat up in bed, wearing the grumpy look I had mastered in my twelve short years. “Why can’t we go to the beach or an amusement park?” I whined.

“Those places are too expensive and not as much fun as a road trip, where we never know what wondrous sights await us. “It’s all about the journey”, young lady.

The man was a cliché.

48 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Road Trip!

  1. sweet story ^^ i was like that once! 🙂 hated road trips. funny how people change when they get older. still, i’m glad i got spared from the tickle monster


  2. Road trip could often mean “boring day” or ‘fantastic find”. Parents ides sometimes translate into great fun, so you had to take the chance.


  3. Some of my fondest memories were of road trips. Back in the days when a rolled down window was actually rolled down, and the wind that caught your hair actually had some material to work with. I really enjoyed this one Dawn =)


  4. We called them adventure drives. It’s true though, you never know what kind of wondrous sight await. I’ve said it before, anyone who says the joy is in the journey never drove across Kansas. HA!


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  6. Good one Dawn. Interesting concept the road trip, can’t say they were ever part of my childhood maybe because in Australia every trip was a road trip as its a long way to anywhere.


  7. Reminds me of our first family car: an Austin Big 7! I got into trouble when my knees got in the way of the gear stick as Dad was changing gear – the momentum was lost and he couldn’t get the car up the hill. Out came the crank again …


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