A Word A Week: Castle

This week’s A Word a Week is Castle. Visit Sue’s blog for more info at: http://suellewellyn2011.wordpress.com/2013/07/30/a-word-a-week-challenge-castle/

There are not a lot of castles in my area. Mansions, plantations, historical architecture, yes; but not many castles. Last year some friends and I went to DC to visit The Mansion on O Street but before we toured the mansion we had a look around the neighborhood.

We are drawn to interesting architecture and immediately spotted this Brewmaster’s Castle. It was a Sunday and so it was closed but that didn’t stop us from photographing the outside of it.

Please click on the individual pictures to get a better view of each image.

I looked online trying to get some information about this place to share with you but many of the web sites were out of date, wouldn’t load, or incomplete. The best resource I found was right here on wordpress, give this blog a look.

2 thoughts on “A Word A Week: Castle

  1. just to make you slightly jealous, I work in one of Scotlands greatest castle, it was the idea behind the castle in the film Brave, it may be voted the 8th wonder of the world, its been a stronghold since the 12th century, it was a Royalist stronghold in the 17th century and protected the Honours of Scotland which are the Scottish crown jewels. You can see it here http://instagram.com/p/b7RzijtDGr/ and if you bookmark http://www.rainbow-photography.net and come back nearer the end of the week I will have a lot of Dunnottar castle images up or add me on instagram =)


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