Floral Friday Foto: Trumpet Vine

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This week I am showcasing the Trumpet Vine. Friends I asked about this flowering vine debated on whether it was a flower or a weed. The jury is still out.

8 thoughts on “Floral Friday Foto: Trumpet Vine

  1. Campsis, or trumpet vine, is a native plant. It is vigorous with interesting leaves, gorgeous flowers, and fall seed pods. As a food source, hummingbirds love its nectar and it is the host plant for a type of sphinx moth. Emerson said “a weed is a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered”. I think our beautiful native trumpet vine has surpassed that definition.


  2. Toot, too doo doo! (Sorry, you know me. I had to do that.)
    I agree with Diane and Emerson. And I think it’s gorgeous. Weed or flower. Flower or weed. Doesn’t really matter to me. Mutt or purebred. If it’s pleasing to look at, whatever… A rose by any other name…


  3. When I had a garden trumpet vine was in my list of “to have” plants. I like the yellow ones. It must be native to the Midwest because I’ve seen them in the wilds too.


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