Which Way: Week 4 ~ Fredericksburg Virginia

For this week’s Which Way Challenge I decided to revisit Fredericksburg Virginia.

I’ve already blogged about our day trip to Fredericksburg Virginia a few times here so hopefully some of these are a little familiar.

We visited the home of Mary Washington the mother of George Washington. George bought this home for her when she was in her sixties and she was fortunate enough to live another 20 years enjoying it, something that was rare in those days.

As is often the case with these historical sites and museums we were not allowed to take pictures inside but there was a beautiful yard in back that we enjoyed until we begged to come back into the AC (it was super hot that day and one of the main reasons we decided to pony up the $4.00 a piece and tour the air conditioned house). As it turned out it was the highlight of our trip.

We also visited Chatham Plantation where I aggravated our tour guide by taking pictures of the inside of their semi dirty windows. See last weeks Lingering Look at Windows.

The grounds at Chatham are quite lovely but in need of some TLC. I wouldn’t say a lot of TLC but you can tell they are operating on a tight budget.


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