As I Sat on the Bus #10: Michelle on the Night Shift

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Sometimes I swear this bus ride home is the longest hour and a half of the day, other times it’s the fastest. I guess it depends on how tired I am. Working the night shift for going on 15 years you would think I would be used to it but sleeping during the day is just unnatural, I don’t think I will ever get used to it.

Still I am grateful. I make a decent salary for a woman with no education or skills. And it ain’t the worse cleaning job I ever had. That one was a long time ago when I cleaned Ray’s buddy’s bar, “Mel’s”.

The SOB was too tight to have it cleaned more than twice a week and by the time I got in there it was disgusting. It didn’t help that I was pregnant with Roxanne at the time and would throw up at the mere thought of that men’s room.

Every time I had to go clean it and every time I came home afterward I would cry and cry. A lot of it was hormones, I know but for the most part it was just nauseating. Mel and his wife weren’t the cleanest people as it was.

One time I went to their house to clean and it was damn near as bad as the bar. Finally Ray got tired of all my tears and told me to quit. He wasn’t never mean about it and I felt bad what with him working for the sanitation department but being pregnant was hard. It seemed I was always sick with Roxanne. It was easier with Sabrina but by that time Mel and I didn’t even speak to each other anymore.

Michelle and the Night Shift(w)

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