Velvet Verbosity: Speak

Speak with kindness
Speak with forethought
Speak with conviction

Speak out against bigotry, oppression, and intolerance.
Speak up for justice, righteousness, and integrity.

Speak with mindfulness
Speak with understanding
Speak with consideration

Speak out against evil, immorality, and deceit
Speak up for the children, the elderly, and those who have not found their voice.

Speak with certainty
Speak with positivity
Speak with resolve

Speak out against prejudice, indifference, and adversity.
Speak up for joy, love, and the right for us all to celebrate joy and love.

These are the things I have learned about speaking since I learned to speak.

Silent Reflection

Silent Reflection

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7 thoughts on “Velvet Verbosity: Speak

  1. Well done, you – and a different approach, too. Instead of a story – you’ve chosen 100 words of wisdom – and wise words they are. Thank you, for this.


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