Writing Challenge: Freestyle Memory

Tommy and Kelly were snuggled up in bed with me. They were about 7-8 years old. It was winter so although it was early it was dark. I had a book of children’s poems. It was a paperback and I no longer have it but they loved it or they just loved me reading to them or they just loved snuggling. I’m not sure.

Later when they were a little older I remember buying hardback of poetry by Shel Silverstein, they never seemed to enjoy that as much. Perhaps it was the poetry, perhaps it was the season, perhaps it was the snuggle, perhaps it was their age; I don’t know. If I do know, I don’t remember.

I only remember that paperback of children’s poetry. The one that I can’t remember the name of.
However if I saw the cover I am sure I would recognize it.

My two oldest children when they were babies.

My two oldest children when they were babies.



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