Which Way: Week 6 ~ The National Cathedral

For this week’s Which Way Challenge from Cee I am showcasing some of the halls of The National Cathedral. My pictures do not do it justice. Ypou can see more of my Cathedral pictures in my recent Travel Theme post.

8 thoughts on “Which Way: Week 6 ~ The National Cathedral

  1. We have a 11th century cathedral just 1/2 mile from me, it has a round tower which is one of 2 original ones left in the UK, the other is in Ireland and the same masons mark has been found on both, that means that this 11th century mason following the monks from Ireland to Scotland via Iona and the Scottish Islands.
    BUT what makes me really angry is that last week I was down in Lincolnshire and I took my grandchildren to Lincoln Castle which was £2 for all four of us to get in, then 500 yards opposite went to the magnificent Lincoln Cathedral, I wanted to show my grandchildren the Lincoln Imp which is on one of the pillars, the story is that when the Cathedral was being built in the 14th century the devil sent a demon, a imp who every time they builders built a wall, the Imp tore it down. The builders prayed up to God who sent an Angel who waited for the imp and turned it to stone as it sat laughing at his latest mischievous actions. So you can go in and see the stone imp at the top of the pillow…….I failed to show the girls the imp or the Cathedral as they wanted £4.95 each to go in…..You cannot charge people to go into Gods house, how dare they!!!! So all I got was a couple of images from the door.


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