As I Sat on the Bus: The Preamble

When I saw the picture for this week’s writing challenge I recognized the young lady as someone I have been writing about already. If you have been following this story I think you will enjoy this preamble. If you haven’t been following I think it’s time you did!


There was a time when Roxanne believed in her daddy. She was just a little girl.

Just a little girl on a playground waiting on promises, waiting on someone to play with her, to push her on the swing, to make the merry-go round go “Too Fast Daddy!”

There was a time when she made up excuses for why he didn’t show. He was busy, He was working. Grandma needed him. He got hurt. There was too much traffic. No money for the bus.

There was a time when Roxanne was a little girl and believed in her daddy.

This is a sort of preamble to my As I Sat on the Bus Series. To learn more about Roxanne, her mother, sister, and her daddy go here: