As I Sat on the Bus #12: Sabrina’s Thoughts on Day Camp

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I really like this day camp. I didn’t think I would at first but after two weeks I have gotten to know everyone and they are really nice. Even the girls from the west side are nice. In school they are usually the ones who pick on you for not having dressy clothes like they have. They flaunt their attitudes like they are movie stars on the red carpet. But at camp it’s different. Everyone dresses in shorts or bathing suits most of the time.

You don’t really want to wear your good clothes because we are always hiking, gathering wood, or identifying flowers and insects in the woods. I like that part. I have learned about all kinds of insects I never paid any attention to before. My counselor said that when I grow up maybe I will be an entomologist. I didn’t know what that was but she wrote it on a piece of paper for me and I looked it up on the computer during free time.

They have two computers for every cabin but some of the west side girls have notebooks and I-pads so they don’t need to use the camp computers. I don’t need a fancy phone or tablet but I sure wish we had a computer at home. I have learned so much by being here and the days go by so fast. I will be sad when it’s over.


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