Lingering Look at Architecture: James Madison University

We are entering our second month of the new challenge Lingering Look at Architecture. For details and instructions please see our title page here: Title Page.

This month we are featuring Colleges and Universities. A few weeks ago I took my grandson (a budding photog that I hope to introduce soon) on a little jaunt with me to visit James Madison University. Just about an hour south of me I pass his house on the way, and it makes for an excellent day trip.

Nathan just turned 10 and is a cheerful polite young man who has no problem spending the day with his Nana, but like I said I will introduce him soon.

James Madison University’s architecture is a mixture of old and new. Unfortunately I was so enamored with the old (and Nathan’s photog ability) I didn’t explore much of the new. I guess I gotta go back. I hope Nathan will want to join me.

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