Loneliness Rollins(w)

I am often alone and never minded much until recently.
I still don’t mind much but I had this realization of how alone I am and it caused me to reflect.

Funny how this prompt appeared two days later.

I went to my favorite quote source in search of quotes about loneliness. I had about five of them lined up and chose pictures to go with them but this was the first one I saved and after the finished product I knew I had the one that resonated with me.

I can imagine standing at the water’s edge alone drinking in the beauty of the sunset and inhaling the aroma of the night air. Not that this isn’t beautifully romantic and enjoyable with someone; but in the absence of that special someone I never found, I am proud that I know how to enjoy my loneliness and turn it into solitude.

I also loved Ese’s quote and probably would have chosen that one if she had not.

As an aside I want to thank Ese for this challenge. It gives me a chance to express myself in ways that I enjoy and also feel painful. There is a quote about that too but it escapes me for the moment.

Perhaps it is:
And now I’m glad I didn’t know
The way it all would end, the way it all would go
Our lives are better left to chance
I could have missed the pain
But I’d have had to miss the dance
~ Tony Arata

16 thoughts on “Loneliness

  1. Loneliness in itself has a huge influence on human behaviors and influences most of our lives to a great degree. Today at 53, I find myself alone and I have to manage my loneliness feelings every day, I really don’t want to be alone. When I look at; “Why am I here, how did I get here” the root cause comes back to decisions I made in the past, so I wouldn’t be alone at that time. I’ve mismanaged my loneliness feelings and ended up in relationships that have been bad for me. No matter how much lube you use, you can’t fit a square block in a round hole.

    I’m learning to self-entertain; self-gratify, self-please, I’m managing my loneliness differently than I have in the past. I really don’t like being alone/single and I’m lonely. My loneliness feels the worst on Sunday nights as I reflect on my week and where I’m at in life. It hurts to be single and alone, the loneliness feelings are strong and I want them to stop. My loneliness feelings are not as bad as they were in the past when I wasn’t single. My loneliness feelings were much worse when I was in relationships and my partner/s lost their interest in me and just did not want or care to be with me. That loneliness is the worst and I’m better off to be alone than risk feeling like that ever again. I self-entertain.


  2. Beautiful and really touching! There’ s that very fine line between loneliness and solitude and…yes, it is so important that people feel happy, satisfied, complete being alone. Proud of being able to enjoy loneliness indeed – precious words.


  3. A look inside. Moving, Dawn. It’s good to learn to live with and enjoy your own company. Sometimes, that gets old, but I suppose we need the good and the bad for comparison. I do think blogging, writing, art, photography – they all add to our day. 🙂
    I read this on someone’s blog and I thoroughly believe it.
    “I AM enough!”
    Be well.


  4. I live alone too – have done for quite a while now. Sometimes I get lonely but I find blogging and visiting other bloggers gives me a sense of contact with the world. My camera often becomes my best friend. I like to take it on walks and photograph the world around me then come home and blog about my journey. That way loneliness becomes solitude and brings its own pleasures. Lately I’ve been finding that opening up to others on my blog has resulted in some really fascinating in depth comments in reply. I’m naturally fairly quiet and reclusive anyway – writing about that this week really led to some great blogging interactions (http://artifactsandfictions.wordpress.com/2013/09/09/blogging-as-an-infp/).


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