This challenge from WordPress asks us to write a story starting from the end. I decided to use my own life. This might piss some people off but it’s all the truth, my truth at least. Most likely the people it will bother will never read it so I am going for it!

I would like a ring made from these three. Can you do that? The jeweler looked at me and smiled,” of course we can”. He handed me a book “pick out a setting”; three engagement rings fused into one was nothing to him. “It will take me three hours” he said. “That’s okay” I told him “it took me 36 years”.

Tom and I were married when I was still in high school. I became pregnant and my grandmother told me to get married, so I did. We stayed married through 17 years and two more children. We fought. We made up. He cheated. We fought. We made up; until finally, in my summation, he found another woman who would have him. I guess it’s true; they are still together 20 years later.

Cliff I and I were together for five years before we married. He had a rough reputation; drinking, drugs, cheating, and beating. All my friends warned me but I assured them he was not like that with me; he was different. Less than two years after we married he was the same (minus the beating) he had that over Tom. He beats his girlfriend, the woman he left me for, 13 years ago. They are still together.

Henry kept telling me he was going to propose as soon as he made more money than me. After his 3 month probation period was up at his new job he squeaked by. When we told his mother she looked at me and said “I thought you didn’t want to get married”. Henry through up his hands “How does everyone know this but me?”

Somebody hadn’t been listening except to the voices in his head.

This is me, not going backward, moving forward down my own road.

This is me, not going backward, moving forward down my own road.

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  1. Truth is Henry had emergency rectal surgery after his first month of working, and had 3 of these surgeries along with 2 bouts of C-Diff in the 6 months of the job. A job that he left after the 3rd time that he shit himself on the job where he had to walk in front of his co-workers from a back corner to the center of a manufacturing floor to a bathroom. Truth is, Henry was by himself for 2 of the 3 surgeries.


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