As I Sat on the Bus #16: Michelle Travels to Ray’s Bedside

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It’s going to take me two hours to get to the hospital on this stupid bus. Its times like these I really wish I had a car. If that damn Ray would stay home and be a good man we could pool our money and have us a car. But no he’s gotta go and have himself a stroke.

When his boss called me from the hospital he said he was stabilized. He said he would wait till I got there so as not to leave him alone. “I know how much you love each other” he went on. “Ray talks about you, Sabrina, and Roxanne all the time. I don’t want you to worry none; I will hold his job until he gets well. He’s a good man, that husband of yours. You just be careful getting here.”

I was so stunned when I hung up the phone I thought maybe he had the wrong number. But he acted like he knew me; like he knew Roxanne and Sabrina too. “A good man” he said. Most people I know don’t call Ray that. None of my friends or my family call Ray “a good man”, at least not for a long time now. I know he is a good man he just got lost. Maybe I can find him again.

Oh hell I shouldn’t even think like that. I get all romantic and forget what an SOB he has been all these years. Good man, my ass.

God, I hope he is alright.

I can’t live like this no more. If that damn man ain’t gonna let me take care of him and he ain’t gonna take care of himself I got to set him free once and for all. As soon as I get him well, I’m going to tell him just that.

Damn man.


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