As I Sat on the Bus #17: Sabrina Goes Back to School

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Today is my first day back to school. It seems so strange to be riding this bus without my big sister. Roxanne has been riding the bus to school with me my whole life. I feel a little lost but I also feel a little free. Roxanne would never let me sit with my friends or talk to any boys on the bus. She said they wasn’t nothing but trouble that would stop us from having a good life, just like Daddy did to Momma.

And now here Daddy is living with us. He and Momma haven’t drunk any beer or wine since he came home from the hospital after his stroke. Momma waits on him hand and foot, and fusses after everything he eats. She told him he had to quit smoking or she was gonna throw him out on his ear.

He’s pretty much quit but when Momma goes to work at night he sneaks outside for a smoke. I know he does cause he always comes in and kisses me good night after. I pretend to be asleep but I can smell it. I wish he would quit but I don’t guess one a night will hurt him. At least I hope not. I love my daddy so much and I love him being home with us even if it makes Roxanne mad that he’s here.

Back to School(w)

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