Lingering Look at Architecture: Winding Road Cellars

Just in time for Virginia Wine Month and the Lingering Architecture Challenge; Mom and Pop Shops I bring you one of the latest wineries to open in our area.

Winding Road Cellars opened August 31st of this year, but getting there began long before.

I’ve met the owners, both mom and pop and let me assure you, they are lovely people. I met their daughter first.

Laura and I hit it off over a tasting. Now granted she was pouring me wine and so my perception might have been skewed, but I don’t think so.

She told me the story of how nine years ago her dad, a federal employee in DC came to Fauquier County on a wine tasting day trip with her brother. They went to Mediterranean Cellars in Warrenton Virginia and her father was so impressed he asked to purchase five gallons of “grape juice” in order to try his hand at wine making. He left with a full barrel.

In 2007 Scott Culver began helping out at Mediterranean Cellars and in 2009 he and his wife Linda moved to Markham to begin their own voyage into building a winery. Laura tells this story matter-of-factly and with humor but one look around will tell you that this is not an easy business.

This is a hands on, 24 hour, smiling for the customers, working in the fields, learning by doing, listening, reading; and not quitting your day job, driving to the city, kind of commitment.

Laura also told me of how the tasting room came to be built. An Amish couple were recruited from Pennsylvania. The young man worked long hours with her dad, Scott Culver and his son, leaving his wife behind each weekend. Finally the Culvers suggested to the Amish craftsman that he bring his wife to their home. The young Amish wife would visit with Mrs. Culver to be close to her husband. The two families formed a special bond and it shows in the workmanship of the tasting room.

I’ve visited Winding Cellars twice now and not intending to but each time, I left with a bottle of wine. Tastings are a very reasonable $5.00 and a bit of cheese and crackers is offered. It’s just one of the many ways you are made to feel welcomed at Winding Road Cellars.


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