My Hometown: Unique

I’ve blogged about my hometown many times. I’ve blogged about its Icons, its colors, its water tower, the river, the schools, and even the alleys so it took me some thinking to come up with something for this week’s challenge : Unique.

Strasburg (my hometown) is in Shenandoah County Virginia. We are the most Northern part of the county and our borders touch both Frederick and Warren county lines. The southern part of the county doesn’t really consider us Shenandoah County; they consider us Northerners as if we assisted Grant.

We are the red headed step child of the county. Now if you were to ask about this from our more southern brothers they would vehemently deny this, just as any step parent would. But ask anyone in the town of Strasburg and they will begrudgingly admit that the underlying animosity exists. If they don’t, they are lying; or else they are one of them northern transplants that come from DC and try to change everything we hold near and dear and they either don’t care or more likely do not have a clue.

Strasburg used to be a big Rail Road community but only a few trains pass through here anymore; all of them freight.

But because of our proximity to Washington DC we are still considered a prime location for industry. In the late 70’s a few industries moved here for that proximity. They could move freight easily down the rails or use Interstate 81, also known as tractor trailer highway.
Wages were so much lower here than had to be paid in DC and Maryland and big companies loved it.

Virginia is a right to work state which despite the politically spun title basically means that no unions are welcomed here and that industry dictates the wages and benefit packages available to workers. Before this there were no jobs so residents welcomed the opportunities that were suddenly available.

Many people I know or meet will say “Strasburg? I’ve heard of that, I think I have seen the signs on the interstate” You probably have. I tell people that we are on the corner of I-81 and I-66; 66 being the highway that takes you into DC from Skyline Drive, the biggest tourist attraction in the area albeit in Front Royal, not Strasburg.

But Strasburg is the gateway to the Shenandoah Valley and many tourists begin their trek here off I-81, through town and down Route 11; a scenic by way that takes you through each of the small towns in the county and beyond.

Passive aggressive disclaimer: Please know that I say the above with my tongue in my cheek; but it’s all true! 😉

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10 thoughts on “My Hometown: Unique

  1. I know very well the attitudes of many a Virginian. I lived in Staunton Virginia for years then moved to Manassas and finally onto Newport News, Yorktown, Hampton and Williamsburg. I love Strasburg though and am sure happy you are participating!!


    • Thanks. I love Staunton, am planning a visit as soon as my schedule allows. My grandson lives in Manassas but those more southern towns are only on my to do list. You see some folks dream of visiting the Bahamas or Paris, I just wanna go to Roanoke 😉


  2. Very interesting reading! I’ve seen very little of the US, even though I’ve lived in Canada for close to ten years now. Basically, I’ve only been to Maine and I95 is the only interstate I’ve been on 🙂
    I do know what the ‘right to work’ is though. I really liked this post..


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