As I Sat on the Bus #18: Roxanne’s Worry

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I am so tired this morning I might just sleep on this bus ride into the office. I could barely sleep at all last night for worrying. Daddy is going back to work this morning and I can’t help but wonder what that all means.
Last week his boss came to visit us and said “Ray, I know this is hard on you not having any income for these beautiful girls, how about you do some security work for me until you get your strength back?” At first I thought Daddy was going to tell him no. His left eye is still blurry and he walks with a limp now. He is supposed to use a cane but he doesn’t most of the time. Momma says he’s proud. I say he’s vain.

“What do you think Michelle?” Daddy asked momma in front of his boss.

“I think we could use the money Ray but your health is the most important thing. If the doctor says okay, then I say okay”.
Momma took him to the doctor two days later and he got approved for light duty but he has to use his cane. He was not happy about that. He keeps saying he doesn’t need it. Momma fusses at him and tells him she’s gonna throw him out on his ear if he don’t listen to what the doctor says.

He’s probably worried the pretty girls won’t talk to him if he’s got a cane.

If the hard headed SOB doesn’t use it he will fall, probably crack his head on some concrete slab at the job site.
I guess then I won’t have to worry about him anymore and I can get some sleep.

Roaxanne's Worry (w)

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