As I Sat on the Bus # 19: Ray Goes Back to Work

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I guess I am a bus rider now. These last few months have been hard on me. Having that stroke was the scariest thing to ever happen. I am lucky it was no worse than what it was. I am lucky in a lot of ways. Michelle didn’t have to take me in and take care of me.

My boss sure as shit didn’t have to offer me this job. I owe a lot to that man. He practically caught me when I got off the bus that morning. My head was hurting so bad and when I stepped down off the last step I went down to the ground. That was the last thing I remember until I woke up in the hospital with Michelle standing over me telling me she loved me.
Yes, I am a lucky man.

But I hate this damn cane. I know all the fellas will be talking behind my back about how old and feeble I am. There was a day, and it wasn’t that long ago when I could kick every one of their sorry asses. I ain’t gonna get no respect walking around with this damn cane.

But I promised Michelle and my boss can’t let me come back without it “Insurance reasons” he said.
I understand that. Everyone sues everyone over anything anymore; he’s got to protect himself. I guess I will have to swallow my pride and use the damn cane.

But if I hear one snicker come out of the mouth of one of those sorry bastards I’ll use the damn thing to beat them with.


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  1. My grandmother felt the same way when she got her cane. My father mader a huge mistake and purchased her a sword cane thinking it would make her feel powerful. She almost powerfully took his head off with it when he presented it as a a gift.


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