Lingering Look at Architecture: Mom and Pop Garden Center

I visited Springtime Gardens Center in Front Royal Virginia as part of my October Challenge for Lingering Look at Architecture where I am highlighting Mom and Pop shops. This garden center is on a corner lot adjacent to a single family home.
I spoke to the Mom of the operation; Ann Orndorff and she told me a wonderful story of family and community.

She said the nursery had been there over forty years. Her husband’s oldest brother began with a weekend vegetable stand across the road. When the two lots came up for sale he bought them telling his wife they would sell flowers in the spring.

She went on to tell me the thing I found most interesting about this story. These brothers were 20 some years apart in age and so when the oldest was ready to retire the youngest was ready to buy. He bought the home and business in 1991 and he and his wife made it in to the thriving garden center it is today.

I visited in early October and marveled at the displays and the attention to details that went in to making this Garden Center both whimsical and just a tad bit scary. “We love this time of year” remarked Mrs. Orndorff with a smile.

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