As I Sat on the Bus # 20: Roxanne Falls Asleep On The Bus

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# 20  Roxanne Falls Asleep On The Bus(w)

I had my lunch in the park again as I have for many weeks now but I can feel the air change and I know soon I will have to go back to that dreaded lunch room. I don’t even look at the other girls in the office anymore because I only see hostility in their eyes. Ms. Senter has been so kind to me but taking me under her wing has caused a lot of resentment from the other assistants.

They hired another new one today but this time it’s a male. His name was Brad and when Ms. Senter brought him around to meet all of us he seemed nice enough but a little scared. I kind of felt sorry for him because I know that feeling. I thought of going up to him and welcoming him but it’s been my experience that any contact with boys gets their minds thinking of only one thing; and I am not interested in that!

Maybe one day, when I have enough money to have my own place and Sabrina is almost done with nursing school I will date. I would like to have my own family, a little house with a yard, a couple of kids and a husband who loves me and only me. He will be handsome, much like Brad and successful. And we will be partners in every sense of the word.

Oh my goodness; there is my stop! I must have dozed off.

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