A Word a Week: Favorites

Sue is celebrating her one year anniversary of her A Word a Week Photo Challenge by asking us to post our favorite photos of the last year. I take a lot of pictures and I find it difficult to choose a favorite so I began narrowing it down to subjects and categories. Please click on the individual image to see a larger view.

I love barns and though I took many photos of barns this year this one remains one of my favorites.
Favorites(w)# (3)

I also love black and white photography. I shot this in color but knew while I was shooting I was going to convert it. It’s one of my favorites from this year.

Favorites(w)# (2)

Another theme I tend to return to again and again is Country Roads. I knew I had to put one of these in here and I knew it would be one from the spring. I don’t know why I love this shot of the duel lane highway leaving our town but I do.

Favorites(w)# (5)

I love taking pictures of horses but I have a special relationship with cows. I took this picture last March when the wind was blowing and the temperature below freezing. I wasn’t out of my car for long but the moment I locked eyes with this beauty I felt a kinship.

Favorites(w)# (7)

I don’t take a lot of people pictures but there are two fellas who are my favorites; my grandsons Nathan and Christopher on our excellent Shenandoah Adventure.

Favorites(w)# (4)

Another subject I love is train tracks. What better way to showcase one of my favorite train track shots from this year then by showing it at Sunset.

Favorites(w)# (6)

And last but not least I thought it only appropriate to add one of my favorite window pictures.

Favorites(w)# (1)

Join the challenge: http://suellewellyn2011.wordpress.com/2013/10/22/a-word-a-week-challenge-is-a-year-old-favourite/

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