Why did the Turkey Cross the Road (Like That)?

Animal Behaviors, Page 6

I was out one morning this week taking pictures of the sunrise when I came upon a flock of turkeys. They saw me before I saw them and were being very quiet; tiptoeing to what I can only suppose is their nest or wherever it is that turkeys live.
Once I saw them I began to focus and creep nearer. They were still quiet and intent on going through a certain path. I found that curious as they lined up following each other in an off centered straight line and for the most part walked across the road.

I don’t know that much about turkeys or animal behavior in general but I found it odd that they stayed on the same path, marching in their formation. They ran when they were in the field as turkeys run, which I think has been described as more of a trot. But they walked across the road, although I would describe their walk as stepping gingerly almost tip toeing. One or two flew a few steps but only as far as the center line in the road to the shoulder.

Whatever their reasoning they were fun to observe and I was happy with my shots. I would have liked to have gotten a better close up but honestly I was too enthralled with their behavior to think about trying.

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  1. We have wild turkey like birds, some say they are a large grouse here in Scotland they are called Capercaillie, they are now protected, they used to be eaten at Christmas, but they are also known to be quite nasty if you get to close. I have only ever seen one, people can go their whole lives without seeing one in the wild.




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