As I Sat on the Bus # 21: Roxanne’s Wakeup Call

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# 21 Roxanne’s Wakeup Call(w)

I don’t know why I have been so sleepy lately. It seems every afternoon I doze off on the bus. I get to day dreaming and before I know it I am sleeping.

I don’t know what would happen if I slept through my stop. I don’t always have the same bus driver although it’s usually one of three. I think that they would wake me but it’s not their responsibility so I can’t count on that.
I do work hard. I am learning a new computer program at work and without any prior experience I find it a little complicated. Brad and I are partnered on this project. He has a two-year degree so his basic knowledge is helpful but this is a new program for him too. It turns out I really like Brad and he likes me too. We are just friends, co-workers, really. The truth is he is the only other office assistant I think of in friendly terms.

Brad makes me laugh when he mimics Mary and Sally and the looks they give now both of us. It’s good to know it wasn’t my imagination. They are obviously jealous of our ranking with our boss. If I wanted to I would tell them it’s their own fault. If they would work a little harder and spend less time gossiping and shooting dirty looks Ms. Senter would probably give them a project. They think she doesn’t see or hear them but she didn’t get to where she was by being ignorant. Ms. Senter is a savvy businesswoman and a great leader. Mary and Sally would benefit by following her lead and showing some respect.

Brad has promised to call me every day at 5:45, just before my stop, in case I fall asleep.

“Hi…I was just thinking of you”….

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