Velvet Verbosity: Atrophy

Darkness descends on me and nothing can stop it.
The pain medication is not working.
The alcohol is not working.
The antidepressants are not working.
I need something stronger.

The children are getting on my nerves and I punish them.
Wait till your father gets home.
And I punish him.

But it’s not working.
I slip his credit card in my pocket and slam the door in a fake fury.

The ATM spits out his cash and I head downtown.
The streets are quiet but I know where to go.

In the shadows my savior is waiting.
He’s always waiting.


This post is in response to the 100 word writing challenge from Velvet Verbosity where we are asked to write 100 words inspired by a single prompt. This week’s word is Atrophy.

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