WordPress Photo Challenge: Eerie

When I first came upon Augusta Military School it was a dark wintry day. The place looked deserted at the time and I didn’t quite know what it was. Many of the windows were busted and vines crawled near the entrance. In the courtyard is a modern-day playground but it too was empty. The wind rocked the swings gently and I imagined children who had once gone to school here had come back to visit; or perhaps they never left.


I edited this photo to both sepia and black and white but I found the color shot to be the creepiest. This place doesn’t need much imagination.

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13 thoughts on “WordPress Photo Challenge: Eerie

  1. I like this! Are you going to post some of the windows for Lingering Look at Windows, or should we not linger too long at the windows here?


  2. I think big, old, deserted buildings always have that creepy, eerie, aura hanging over them. The question is, would you be brave enough to go inside?


  3. I enlarged it to see what I could see – like through the windows. I got nothin’ but this is great! If I saw anything, I would have freaked out anyway. 😉
    The building is awesome and the clouds are perfectly eerie.


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