Weekly Travel Theme: Connections

I recently traveled to the home of my niece and her family in Quicksburg Virginia, about 40 miles from my house for a photo shoot. My niece had invited me to take pictures of them at their home. I told her I was not a people photographer but I would be interested in the experience.

I am extremely disappointed with the results of this project. Portrait photography is so much more than just getting everyone to say cheese.

We took these shots at 2:00 in the afternoon. As any landscape photographer knows this is a great time in November for light. It lies low and does wonderful things with shadows. However it’s not so great with portraits as most of my pictures, their faces were etched with shadows.

There are four of them in this family and getting everyone to smile with their eyes open at the same time is another challenge I did not meet most of the time.

So I gained some skills and learned some things not to do in my next venture; and there will be another try at this. I just need more willing volunteers.

But the best part of this experience was spending time with this wonderful family. Their connection runs deep and I am so proud of my niece and her husband for creating this environment for their children.

I too now have an even deeper connection with this beautiful family.

I too now have an even deeper connection with this beautiful family.

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Travel Theme: Connections

  1. I don’t take a lot of portraits either but maybe a reflector and some fill flash could help. Pretty area though and such a lovely family grouping. I look forward to your future shots of them.


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