As I Sat on the Bus # 23: Ray Shares His Feelings

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I must look like a fool riding this bus with this shit eating grin on my face but I can’t help it. We had a wonderful weekend, Michelle and I. She was so excited about her promotion and working day shift she glowed. And her happiness was contagious. Even Roxanne seemed a little more chipper than usual.

Friday night she was an emotional wreck and lay in my arms crying. I’ve put that woman through so much I knew exactly what was wrong. Things are good and she doesn’t trust it; she doesn’t trust me, and who can blame her. Hell, I don’t even know if I trust me. I want so badly for things to be good but I’ve got demons in my soul and I can’t always beat them. Its better since neither one of us is drinking; and we talked about that. She said she don’t miss it and I don’t either but sometimes the demons will remind me how much I like a cold beer or a shot of whiskey. I don’t think Michelle hears those voices like I do. I didn’t tell her that. Ain’t no sense in making her worry any more than she already is.

Saturday it rained all day and the four of us played cards and board games. It was fun to stay in our pj’s and lounge around. Michelle and Roxanne made a big pot of vegetable soup while Sabrina and I cleaned up the living room. I could hear them out there chattering and even giggling and I am not sure if that’s a sound I have ever heard before. I know Roxanne is happy that the four of us are together even though she tries to hide it.

She don’t trust me neither.


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  1. It’s terrific how we get to know the characters from different viewpoints. I like that a lot. When I wrote my book I discovered that I had done that (working without an outline has its advantages) and it’s very interesting to read.


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