As I Sat on the Bus # 24: Roxanne’s Presentation

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I’m exhausted! Today was especially stressful. Brad better call me today because I am sure to fall asleep on this bus!
Today we presented our findings to Ms. Senter. Brad and I have been learning a new computer program which will speed up order processing. Ms. Senter believed in this program when she first discovered it at a trade show last year but had a hard time convincing her bosses to implement it. Finally she was allowed 6 weeks and two assistants to research and develop it to our processes. It seems that Brad and I were handpicked for this long before we ever came to work here. I said before that Ms. Senter is a savvy driven businesses woman and this only proves it.

We had 35 minutes to present all the key facts. Brad and I used graphs and charts we had created to show how this new program will speed things up and pay for itself in two years. Ms. Senter was impressed. Monday she will present it to her bosses and Brad and I will be keeping our fingers crossed.
“Thank goodness you called. What a day, huh?”….


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