Share Your World: Week 41

If you could have three wishes granted, what would they be?

This is easy because I have thought about it a LOT!

1. 100 million dollars. This gives me enough to provide homes for my closest relatives and friends and an awesome lifestyle for myself.
2. A healthy body inside and out for myself and 10 of my closest relatives and friends.
3. Fame! Whether as a writer, photographer and/or both. To be famous for my work and my talent would be a dream.

The things you can do with money and fame are innumerable and would only be stifled by poor health.

If you were having difficulty on an important test and could safely cheat by looking at someone else’s paper, would you do so?
I hope not. Because if I did I would be consumed by guilt and convinced that I was not good enough to pass on my own.

If you were invisible, where would you go?
I would want to go into the homes of people (that shall remain nameless) and see if their home life is an honest representation of their public portrayal.

Is life what you expected as a child?
Not at all!

When I was a child I did not realize that you couldn't always see what was around the bend and that it was cold out there.

When I was a child I did not realize that you couldn’t always see what was around the bend and that it was cold out there.

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14 thoughts on “Share Your World: Week 41

  1. I thought about that being a fly on the wall thing – invisible of course, but then I might not like the people I spied on anymore. I can’t afford to lose any friends . 😉
    I like your $$$$ answer.


  2. Hey, Dawn, this picture so captured my attention that it has inspired a short story — I guess you’d have to call it a Christmas story of sorts. I’d like to know if you’ll give me permission to re-post the photo on my site along with the story — and of course a link to your site.

    Also, I’m going to include the story in an anthology of stories and poems that is coming out on the market next month, and I’d be thrilled to use the photo on the page with the story in that book as well. Would you let me know what you charge for use of one of your photos in a book and what other requirements you have — other than giving you credit, of course?

    Thanks a lot.


  3. Thank you so much. I went to your “Contact” page and sent a message. I was thinking you wanted me to e-mail you, but there was no e-mail address there. However, it does give you my e-mail, so hopefully that’s all you need.

    I’ll post a link to the story when I get it up, so you can read it.


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