‘Going Home’ — a short, short story

I’m excited to share a short story from my WordPress friend Sandra that was inspired by a photo from my collection. Please enjoy Sandra’s story of home and family, on this Thanksgiving night.
Many blessings,
~ Dawn

A Visit With Sandra

My friend Dawn, a photographer and host of the blog “The Day After,” posted this beautiful photograph on her site a few days ago. It so captured my attention that it eventually inspired a short story – a Christmas story, if you will. She has given me permission to use her picture for my story post – and for my upcoming book of short, short stories and poetry, which will also include “Going Home.” Be sure and go over to visit her site and enjoy all of her other terrific photographic work.



I have a family somewhere.  I must have.  I can feel it.  Admittedly, I don’t have a clue where they are, but I’ve made up my mind that I’ll find them.” I spoke the words somberly as Dr. Randall sat looking at me. I’d been thinking those same words over and over for weeks, but…

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