Travel Theme: Sky

I already participate in a sky challenge every Friday so I have many posts featuring the sky. I also love sunrises, sunsets, and big fluffy clouds!
It was the last that I decided to go with.

I’m not a big traveler, not on my budget. I like to go but 2-300 miles in any direction from my home is usually my limit. I’ve been on a plane twice in my fifty years, both time the flights were to Florida, both times to see my Aunt Joan. .

The last visit was a few years ago when my former fiancé took me for my birthday. This was the trip and the flight I could really appreciate.


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5 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Sky

  1. love sitting in the plane and looking at the clouds next to myself! Very different feeling than looking up a the sky and seeing the clouds:) Thanks for sharing!


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