As I Sat on the Bus # 26: Ray Brings Home the Turkey

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Well this is a first for me, riding home on the bus with a turkey on my lap. Mr. Jones gave us all turkeys this year for thanksgiving. I can hardly believe it because business ain’t been that good. But that Mr. Jones is a Godly man and a generous one.

“Times have been tough” he told us all right before quitting time. “I might not be able to give big bonuses at Christmas but I can make sure every one of my employees has a turkey on Thanksgiving” He told us. ‘Thanksgiving is a time for family and most of you have worked for me long enough I consider you a part of mine. We have a lot to be thankful for this year. We are all still working, even though the overtime isn’t what it used to be and we are all still here. Ray, her gave a a little scare” he said patting me on the back “but he’s here too. Happy Thanksgiving folks, see you on Monday.”
I know he gives a speech something like that every year but truth be told I don’t think I ever listened. I always gave my turkey to whoever was standing next to me, too. I was more concerned with getting to Moe’s for Happy Thanksgiving hour; which lasted about three days.

Damn I’m a selfish bastard.


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