Lingering Look at Architecture: St. Andrew’s Episcopal

I was on my way to visit my niece Tiffany when I noticed a church I had never photographed before. I pulled over to shoot and as often happens when I am in a deserted church parking lot during the week someone came to join me.

“Are you taking pictures of our little church” she inquired. “Not only this one” I said “but every church in Shenandoah County!” We talked about the daunting task of that adventure and then moved onto some more local churches. The subject came up about St. Andrew’s Episcopal and I told her it as one of my favorites because of the green underlay. “Oh you should see the inside” she exclaimed. “Oh gracious no. I can’t start going inside I will never get this project done” I told her in an exaggerated voice. We both laughed and wished each other a good day.

Here is a pic of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Mt. Jackson Virginia. I really want to see the inside. 😉

St. Andrew's Episcopal(w)# (3)

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11 thoughts on “Lingering Look at Architecture: St. Andrew’s Episcopal

  1. I love it that you’ve set this adventure for yourself to photograph every church in the county. I’d like to be going along with you and getting their histories. There’s undoubtedly some wonderful stories in their past.


    • Yes, I have some resources for that. At first I was really gung ho about it but once I started realizing how MANY churches were in the county I became a little more relaxed about it. It will take years to complete but hopefully, I have time.


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