Six Word Saturday ~ I Finally Got My Thanksgiving Meal

…but it wasn’t without its tribulations.

My work schedule prohibits me from having a traditional Thanksgiving meal with the family but that doesn’t mean I don’t still crave the comfort foods that make Thanksgiving what most of us red blooded Americans know and love as a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

A few days before Thanksgiving I did my shopping (or so I thought) and purchased the most necessary item, a Turkey breast. I tried to find the smallest one as it is just myself and my son at home. I knew he would have his turkey fix and all I really wanted was leftover turkey for sandwiches.

Isn’t that all any of us really want?

Growing up my mom always had succotash as one of our side dishes. In case you do not know what that is; simply put it, is lima beans and corn. Seems easy enough, right? Nope. Not around here. I had an awful time finding frozen lima beans, forget about looking for a box of succotash!
There were collards, okra, and kale (ugh who eats that stuff???) but no limas until I got to my local grocer. There were no fordhook lima beans(they are the bigger ones) but they had baby limas.
I’ll take what I can get.

I also decided to make myself some dressing. My dressing is much like the dressing my mother always made but I add sunflower seeds (out of their shells) to it. We usually have some in our pantry but we must have run out and no one put them on the list so this too was on my menu of items to buy at our local grocery. I had a heck of a time finding them because I always forget the nuts are with the sanitary napkins and the disposable diapers. I don’t know why I can’t remember that.

So finally my dinner is ready and my son comes home from work takes one look at it and says “Is this what we’re having?” “Yes” I reply innocently. “I’ve had enough turkey. I’ll eat leftovers!”

“Suit yourself” I shrugged and sat down to my meal.

Turkey Time(w)

14 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday ~ I Finally Got My Thanksgiving Meal

  1. It’s a wonder you ever found the sunflower seeds in that location! I am puzzled at times by the whereabouts of some items in the store.


  2. I love okra (breaded and fried – yum) and collards (with a hambone) and I attempted my first kale last week, but I’m no Julia Child, so I’ll need to work on that. You need to do what my friend does and take yourself out with a pal to a fancy, schmancy restaurant! No shopping involved.


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