Day Four: Ghost of Christmas Future

I woke, had to pee, again; damn this getting old. Perhaps I’d had too much wine. My head ached a little. I stumbled to the kitchen for a glass of water and an aspirin. The house was dark except for the Christmas tree lights. I had been leaving them on since I put it up. I never used to do that but then I never used to have a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit.

Sipping on my water and out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a shadow. “Dammit” I thought “Was that a mouse?” I looked again. That was no mouse.

A ghostly hooded creature stood in my living room. She should have scared me enough to make me scream but I was too stunned.

“Who are you?” I asked in a surprisingly normal voice. She didn’t speak but pointed to the mirror that hung in my living room.

I stared at my reflection. The lines on my face were now pronounced; my hair was unkempt and gray. I wondered when I stopped coloring it.

My computer was the only light shining. An open document on the screen entitled My Manuscript, still unfinished.

For whom the bell tolls.

For whom the bell tolls.

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