Day Five: Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim was born with cerebral palsy but it never slowed him down. He couldn’t play sports as a kid but he could still hang with the jocks. He learned early on what they liked and he gladly supplied it, for a price. Other players were stunned to see the size of Tim’s friends when they hit the football field. Their coach attributed the phenomenon to the hours spent in the gym.

Tim also liked hanging with the nerds. He was a smart likable young man and could easily fit into their world. He learned everything he needed to know about technology from these fellow students and in turn he gave them the stamina to stay up for days, devising code, and playing Halo.

Tim was also popular with the ladies, although he limited himself to cheerleaders. His connection to the football players gave him an easy in. He was a “sweet guy” they all said and Tim befriended each girl separately then introduced them to the one thing that would keep them thin and peppy.

Tiny Tim’s school career had taught him about people and how easy they were to manipulate.

He would be very successful in Washington DC.

DC(w)# (76)

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4 thoughts on “Day Five: Tiny Tim

  1. Whoa!!!!! That last line was a laugh-out-loud line if there ever was one. So true. And, once again, you’ve dealt with a serious problem in our society without sounding preachy. Actually, you’ve dealt with two serious problems. You get the reader hooked and keep him with you right through to the end. And the last line is so funny that you make your points without anyone feeling the pain of them.

    Hey, I just thought: You and BD both have characters getting ready to run for office. I think the rest of us had better run for cover.

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