Six Word Saturday ~ I Do Not Support Phil Robertson

I don’t watch his TV show, buy his t-shirts, his duck calls, or even his wine. Never have. Never will. So for all of you that keep asking me to support him and my opinion, here it is: No and I don’t care.

In more interesting news: Christmas is 4 days away; bring on the JoY!

Ornaments(c)# (9)

20 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday ~ I Do Not Support Phil Robertson

  1. Phil talks about what your pic is about….
    Phil talks about what Christmas is about….
    How Christmas came about 2013 years ago….

    you have every right to express your opinion….pros or cons…and so does he…which is the point of the upheaval going on….his rights are being stepped on and its wrong for that to happen in America
    Have a very Merry Christmas….
    It is my prayer that you begin to care at some point before your own opinions are not allowed to be spoken anymore….



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