As I Sat on the Bus # 29: Sabrina Begins her Christmas Vacation

Sabrina was happy to start her Christmas vacation. After getting off the bus she began the walk to her apartment building. She could feel the excitement in the air but she wasn’t joyful she was fearful. This time of year you never knew what some of the guys had in mind when they claimed to be full of the Christmas spirit. Sabrina held her bag close and kept her head slightly aimed at the ground. She couldn’t look too demure and be seen as a victim but she also couldn’t look too assured and be seen as a conquest. Her sister had taught her the correct look to avoid trouble and blend in. It had always; worked until now.

“Hey beautiful” came a familiar voice. Sabrina almost looked up and then silently chastised herself for reacting; she kept walking. “Sabrina” demanded a voice she could not ignore. “Oh hi Darryl” she said with a friendly inflection. “What’s matter girl, you ignoring me?” Darryl asked her in a hostile tone that put Sabrina’s senses on alert. Sabrina displayed her most charming smile “Of course not Darryl, I was just day dreaming about Christmas”.

“Yeah?” Darryl mocked her “you think Santa is coming to visit you this year little girl?” Darryl was 3 years older and much bigger than Sabrina. He used his body to block her path and close Sabrina’s space. Before she realized it she was in the alley, out of the sight of passersby. Nervously Sabrina scolded Darryl “I’m too old to believe in Santa” she said “but I believe in the magic that is Christmas”.

Darryl pushed her gently against the building. “I believe in magic too Sabrina” he said as his hand caressed her neck. She could feel his breath on her lips and wondered if he was going to kiss her. She had dreamed of her first kiss but in her dreams it wasn’t like this. Darryl pushed his body against Sabrina and forced her against the brick wall that was her apartment building.

“You’re a beautiful girl Sabrina and I want you to be my girl” he said while standing close. “I want to taste you” he whispered while his lips brushed across hers. Sabrina began to tremble and Darryl backed off an inch or two. “What’s the matter Sabrina, you are shaking”? “You are scaring me Darryl” she said.

Darryl now backed away from her. “I’m sorry Sabrina. I would never want to scare you or harm you. You are a beautiful woman and I am your protector. No one or nothing will ever harm you, I promise.”

Darryl walked Sabrina to the steps of her building holding her hand firmly. Before releasing her he turned to face her. “I wish you the merriest of Christmases my angel” he said and then gently kissed her on the cheek. He stood at the foot of the steps until Sabrina safely entered the building; he shoved his hands deep into his pocket and walked away grinning.


This is a continuing story. To read subsequent/ previous entries go here As I Sat on the Bus.

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