A Lingering Look at Windows 2014 Title Page

It’s a New Year and with it comes a little revamping to the Windows Challenge. I still invite you to post pictures of the windows you find curious, inviting, photogenic, or in some way tell a story. I do love a good story! The opportunities afforded by blogging on WordPress with it’s global reach continue to stretch my photographic muscles and I am proud of how far I have come. I hope you are too.

I love the community we have created and invite others to join us.

It’s easy to participate in this challenge. Follow my blog to be sure and get any updates and your weekly reminders. Each Thursday morning I will post my A Lingering Look at Windows then sometime within the week you can leave your link on that post in the comment box or use the trackback/pingback method. Tag your post A Lingering Look at Windows so that you can be easily accessed in the reader.

Thanks for joining in the fun and spread the word!



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