As I Sat on the Bus # 30: Sabrina Gets Daisies

Sabrina peeked out the window of her apartment. There he was again, sitting there. Ever since her encounter with Darryl after she got off the bus that first day of winter vacation he had been sitting there, or so it seemed.

The first day after Christmas she never looked before leaving. She skipped down the stairs excited to meet her friends at the mall. She was startled to see Darryl waiting for her, a small bouquet of daisies in his hand.

“Hello beautiful” he greeted her “these are for you”. “Thank you Darryl, Merry Christmas” she said. “I’m sorry; I don’t have anything for you.” “Oh these are not a Christmas present, these are just because. Just because you are so beautiful and just because you are my girl” he smiled and stepped in front of her closing in on her in that way that he seemed to do. She tried to back away a bit “Darryl. I can’t be your girl. Momma and Daddy would never let me date. I’m only 15.”

He stepped closer ”Oh don’t worry about that. We are not dating, and they don’t need to know. Only you need to know and everyone else in the neighborhood needs to know. You are my girl, can’t nobody touch you and when you are ready to date then I will take you out on the town and show everyone that you are my woman.” He gave her a slight peck on the cheek and said “Now go giggle with your friends. There are enough flowers there for each of you. Be sure you tell them who gave them to you. I’ll see you tomorrow”.

And he did, he saw her every day that she ventured out of the house. She was starting to get used to it but she was a little unnerved as to how he knew where she was going and who she was going to see.

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