Lingering Look at Architecture: January ~ My Living Room

The house I rent and have lived in for the last 20 years was built in 1929. I am basically a caretaker and I try to take good care of this house. The woman I originally rented from passed several years ago but I still hold a certain fondness for her. Her father built this house the year she graduated high school. There weren’t a lot of specifications and standards in 1929 so the doors are a certain size and through the years I have been challenged to find a new screen door and new locks that fit. Replacing the door would take someone with more money and resources than I possess.

The water pipes are challenging and the electricity is not the best. It probably needs a complete overhaul but I have had new breakers and systems put in to alleviate overload and minimize dangers.

There is no insulation in the walls and the windows howl when the wind does. I did put some insulation in the attic several years ago and I think that helped but winter is costly here and I heat with oil.

The ceilings are high and the walls a plaster that turns to dust with the slightest bit of manipulation. The walls also have this bubble type texture which makes using flat or neutral colors unattractive. So I chose some colors that Pop!

Here is my living room:

Living Room(w)

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5 thoughts on “Lingering Look at Architecture: January ~ My Living Room

  1. I had a house built in 1928. Although I no longer live there, I am in touch with those who do and it has finally been fully renovated … but it was a beautiful money pit, a seductress who sucked us dry until we gave up. House1, us 0. How easy it is to love those old houses!


    • I work in a bindery and one of the magazines we do is Old House Journal. I certainly know that things can be”fixed” but they never really let you know the cost; probably because it is not a set cost, hence the money pit title.


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