Six Word Saturday ~ Do You Ever Think of Me?

I once dated a man from May till September. He had a cabin on the river and I would rush there every Friday evening. For most of May it rained and we holed up in the cabin making love like newlyweds. Soon the days turned to summer and we would spend hours on the river, lounging, talking what ifs, and fishing for small mouth bass. I’m no fisherwoman so he would bait my hooks and remove the fish while I giggled. It’s truly fun to catch small mouth bass.

I was just beginning my foray into digital photography and spent much of my time on the river ooing and aahing at the beautiful sights around me. The blue skies with their fluffy clouds have always been my favorite.

In September this man broke up with me (can you imagine??) via text message and ended our summer romance by telling me he would always think of me when the sky was blue with fluffy clouds.

I wonder, all these years later, when the sky is blue and filled with fluffy clouds; Do You Ever Think of Me?


19 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday ~ Do You Ever Think of Me?

  1. Ah, what lovely memories you must have, Dawn. I love your reflective title which matches the wonderful reflections in the river. “Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.” ~ Lord Tennyson πŸ™‚


  2. Using your blog to get the men from your past off your chest sounds totally interesting to me. Maybe when you’re done, you can turn it into a book and make some money off the pain they’ve caused you.


  3. Great story – I think. You know what I mean.
    Been at that end of that text message. What the…?
    Way in impersonal for something so personal. But makes for a great story – I think.


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