A Lingering Look at Architecture: February ~ The Streets Where You Live

We are entering our seventh month of the new challenge Lingering Look at Architecture. For details and instructions please see our title page here: Title Page.

February is a great time to showcase some of the old town looks and streets. With the trees bare you can see the wonderful details of the brownstones and townhouses crammed together so eloquently. But if you have pictures from June, that’s okay too 😉

You don’t have to limit yourself to homes or that of your own town. You can show us government, office, buildings, post offices or banks, which also are often works of architectural art.

Mine will be of my town and others locally. This month I will be much more active in this challenge than I was last month. I’m excited to get it started!

This challenge runs from February 1st through February 28th. Please leave trackbacks or pingbacks to this post and tag them with A Lingering Look at Architecture so we may locate your entries easier or, if you prefer,comment with your URL in the comment section.

Here is a slide show created with some of my pictures of my town by my friend at Network Nextme

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