Six Word Saturday ~ Do You Ever Think of Me?

When I was 17 I married a man I was not in love with. When he asked me to marry him he assured me I would grow to love him and my grandmother instructed me to go through with it, since I was pregnant.

We were together 17 years and I did grow to love him as my husband. We had three children together and worked hard to maintain an active life filled with things and experiences.

It was a tumultuous relationship with knock down fights that resulted in me being the one who was knocked down. Ever hardheaded I persisted in trying to change him into a partner who respected and trusted me. I failed miserably and when he finally found a woman that would take him, he left. 21 years later they are still together.

I make it sound so horrible but through all those years there were many good times. And to this day he remains my best sexual partner. I figure it’s okay to throw that in there knowing that he will never read this and if my children would ever see this they should be mature enough to be pleased by this little tid bit.

Our favorite vacation spot was Ocean City, Maryland. His mother lived there so for 10 days we descended on her, two children in tow (our third child wasn’t born until much later).

We took full advantage of everything the town had to offer. We would spend days on the beach of The Atlantic or crabbing in the Chesapeake. We would make wonderful dinners from our catch and share them with the family we had moved in on, creating a lifetime of memories. Some days we would visit the amusement park and walk the board walk with the kids and then that evening return for drinking and dancing.
I have many wonderful memories of our times in Ocean City and just seeing a sandy beach brings them all back.

I can’t help but wonder about him and I want to ask; “When you look at the waves of the Atlantic Ocean crashing on the beach, Do You Ever Think of Me? “

Waves Crashing on the Beach(w)

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