Friday Fictioneers: The Light in his Eyes

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers where each week close to 100 people participate in a flash fiction challenge based on a photo prompt.


This week’s photo: Copyright: Me! 🙂

And now my 100 word story:

I remember the moment he fell in love with me. I was bringing lunch to his job site. It was mid-autumn and I was dressed all in brown; long skirt, boots, sweater on sweater; not his usual type.

I stepped out of my vehicle and I saw it in his eyes. I had never seen such a look. Some might say it was lust. I am okay with that. I felt the same way. An accidental brush of his hand would give me goosebumps.

He looked at me like that for five years and then his eyes began to wander.


72 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: The Light in his Eyes

  1. Dawn,
    I like how you used the picture, so many lamps, so little time. I guess it was only lust, then it was a flame that could quickly dim. Thanks for the picture, by the way. Is this your house?


  2. Dawn- Good God. I didn’t realize you knew my first husband. Great story.

    BTW I love the photo. I have three stories written death, enlightenment and insanity. I just can’t choose. You’re a great muse.


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  4. My daughter dated a guy like that. I actually liked him, until she told me about the real jerk behind the charming facade. I thank God every day since she dumped the louse. I gag, just thinking about him.


  5. Dawn,

    Multiple phrases jump off my screen here. “Some might say it was lust.” is one of my favorites. I also enjoyed the beginning, different from the usual “I remember the moment I fell in love . . . ” Sad ending, but it works, perhaps even better because of the twist.


    Marie Gail


  6. frist of all, Thank you for the lovely photo. I had a great time with it 🙂
    My must admit, my relationship with my wife started as lust. Forty years later I still lust for her, but it’s mostly in my head now. Well written piece, Dawn.


  7. I enjoyed your story, Dawn. Oh, lust can be pretty exciting, but it seems difficult to have the level of excitement last. Thanks for the picture this week, too. It’s a great one and inspired a lot of creative stories this week!


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  9. Ah sad-lust for him and love for her!Well,at least they had 5 good years-a long run for lust;-)If his eyes are wandering now,not surprising-men will be men,lol!

    A lovely story Dawn and thanks for the photo this week-had a tough time switching my lamp on 😉


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