Look Up Look Down ~ Dumbarton

Last summer some friends and I went to visit Dumbarton house in DC. I wasn’t all that impressed with it and think it is mainly used as a wedding destination. What you see here was about the extent of what we saw that day. Still it’s always funb to go into the city with friends.

Dumbarton(w)# (1)

Dumbarton(w)# (3)

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7 thoughts on “Look Up Look Down ~ Dumbarton

    • We went there in June. Nice grounds but nothing spectacular. There is another place in DC called Dumbarton Oaks. I believe this is much nicer with gardens, museums, etc. However the people where we went could tell us little. They said one has nothing to do with the other. We only paid $5.00 for admission through Groupon and I was with 3 other friends so the day was not a bust but with the amount of things to do and see in DC; skip this one.


  1. yeah, I see what you mean with the photo – but I love the down view you gave – wight he arch and the cool floor – but then the up view is nice with that swirl in the hand rail – we also have never been there – whew – there is so much to DC it could take a long time to cover it all….


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