Six Word Saturday: I Want to Start Writing More

When I started this blog it was meant to be a photography blog but I also wanted to write about my experiences and the things that inspired me to take the pictures. Or so I thought. I knew too, that I wanted to share the stories that made my life; stories of my childhood, adulthood, my children and friends.

I’ve done a lot of that but through my weekly participation in Friday Fictioneers I’ve renewed my desire to write fiction as well. A lot of my fellow fictioneers (close to 100 each week) write wonderful stories of murder and mayhem. There are plenty of zombies, vampires, and mermaids to keep things intriguing.

Comparatively I am rather simple. I enjoy writing about everyday life and every day people and at times I feel my stories tend to be a little dull. Hearts may break but rarely does anyone die.

I post all my creative writing on Wednesdays. For Velvet Verbosity I tend to write poetry, a lot of it somber, although this week I attempted a bit of humor. I’m not sure anybody got that. What I like too about Velvet Verbosity is that I use my own pictures. I feel like I can really showcase some of my photography by matching it up to a poem or story.

My Fictioneer contribution this week was probably closer to non-fiction that to fiction. Everyone always says “write about what you know”. I know more about bad relationships than zombies or mermaids.

I wrote one of my favorite stories this week for the Word Press Weekly Writing Challenge, another prompt I participate in. This was purely fiction inspired by recent events. Do me a favor, check it out and tell me what you think. It’s Been 6 Days

I’m not sure where my writing will go or this blog for that matter. I think, like me, it’s all a work in progress.

Have a great weekend everybody!

I carry a notebook with me wherever I go. It's the perfect dinner companion.

I carry a notebook with me wherever I go. It’s the perfect dinner companion.

10 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday: I Want to Start Writing More

  1. I have to say Dawn I like reading stories where no one dies by vampire. I love fantasy and even a little horror but it needs to be balanced out by a good real life read. Thanks for adding your voice.


  2. It’s funny how a blog can develop into a totally unexpected direction. I’d not been using a camera before starting my blog. I only bought one of these contraptions – a cheap one and very reluctantly so! – because I thought that blogs without any pictures at all tend to be a bit dull. A year on, most of my posts are photo-based, and I NEVER go ANYWHERE without my camera these days, lol, who’d have thought?!


  3. Hi Dawn, I agree re the unexpected direction blogs can take….I had intended mine to be about poetry and photography, but my poetic muse has been rather bashful or hibernating thus my blog has tended to be almost exclusively photography. I need to rewrite my ‘About’ soon! 🙂


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