Friday Fictioneers: Don’t Forget the Whipped Cream

Welcome to Friday Fictioneers where each week close to 100 people participate in a flash fiction challenge based on a photo prompt.

This week’s photo: Copyright: Janet Webb


And now my 100 word story:

Wine always made her giddy; giddy in a way that men adored. Her latest fling was a record breaker. They had been together 8 months. He was annoying but the sex was fantastic and he was an awesome cook.

He made a light Italian meal for their first (and only) Valentine’s Day together. He had learned she was friskier on a stomach barely coated with food and laced with alcohol.

They finished their first bottle and he stored their last course for later. He would need the time to recharge.

Sangria, strawberries, and chocolate sauce, was the dessert of fantasies.

66 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Don’t Forget the Whipped Cream

  1. MMMMMM…. it’s been a while, but there was this one valentine’s day that involved truffles and wine….


  2. Giddy in a way that men adored – ah, this says so much about her character, especially combined with her reaction to him being annoying. A nice little slice, this


  3. I like the double viewpoint in this. And considering the air of doom that hangs over this relationship, ‘desert’ would have been equally appropriate (a pun on the relationship) with ‘dessert’. Now where’s the choco-strawbs. Must hide them for later. 🙂


  4. I could see the little black dress, pumps and a sangria in hand with that lady. I wonder how high-maintenance she was. “Lord, what fools these mortals be.”


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